At Bestard Agricultural Placements our team brings over 60 years of agri business experience to the table with career backgrounds in most of our client sectors. This translates to a wide network of candidates, a solid understanding of job requirements and a commitment to challenging agriculture to be the career of choice.

Elaine Graham

Elaine Graham has worked in Ontario agriculture for the past 30 years in multi-commodity primary production, farm association extension and provincial strategic committee involvement. With an extensive background in traceability including origins in the nuclear industry, for the past 15 years Elaine has been deeply engaged in livestock traceability, business development, value chains and management of an Ontario agricultural technology company with contracts throughout North and South America.

After government funding cuts to 70% of the annual budget, Elaine led the re-invention and corporate restructuring of Beef Improvement Ontario to achieve a Board-set goal of financial breakeven within 16 months. Acquisition of Agri-Food Labs in 2006 doubled the company's annual revenue and staff complement and was a significant part of the strategy to move a subsidy-based non-profit into a successful four-company corporate structure.

Elaine believes in consensus building but at the same time challenges conventional thinking and encourages stakeholders to push the envelope to capture new and innovative solutions to enable leaders to follow their vision. A strong proponent of partnerships, alliances and teambuilding, Elaine believes that the strength of the agricultural industry will be built upon a highly motivated, trained and skilled professional workforce. Technology, research and innovation are essential - but it takes individuals with desire to make a difference. 



Dale Cowan

Dale's strength centres on market development, discovery, and innovative positioning of new high quality products and services into the marketplace. With 32 years of experience, he consistently delivers knowledge-based solutions to clients and is always looking for reasons to colour outside the lines.

Dale is a graduate of the University of Guelph (1978) who earned his credibility in agriculture from the ground up as a feed sales territory manager, custom fertilizer application driver, farm supply centre general manager, and a crop consultant. From 1990 to 2006, Dale owned and operated Agri-Food Laboratories, and guided the company through phenomenal growth prior to selling the company to Agri-Food Knowledge Solutions.

As a leader in Ontario agriculture, Dale believes, "If you do things that are good for your industry, it will lead to things that are good for your business." True to those words Dale currently sits as Past-President and former Crop Section Chair on the Ontario Agribusiness Association (OABA); is involved with the Agriculture Research and Environment Committee; was appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of the Environment as Vice Chair to the Provincial Nutrient Management Advisory Committee (PNMAC); he is a member on the Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program Advisory Panel; and is past chair of the Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) Program.